Saturday, 27 October 2012

No more Blogging here

Dear All,
I am no longer blogging at this webpage. Reason being is that Blogspot has became a little less user friendly and honestly I don't have time for blogging anymore.

My Latest micro Blog :

Thank you peeps!

Friday, 15 June 2012

Skin Care Delusions

THE THINGS my 16 year old sister brought back from Korea. BB Cream, Emulsions, Toners, Serums. All of these words seem to be in my dictionary. Like a jumble of useless toys, these skin care products in my opinion does nothing for my sister. And yet she gets psyched by anything fancy and Korean made. My frustrations don't normally look appealing toward cosmetic products, but when money is spend unnecessarily, and without much thought and rationale, somehow I get jittery and naggy.

Not wanting to sound like tape recorder, I can only hope soon enough, she learns that money does not come by easily, and earning it rightly is the only way. Yet all she seems to be sucked in by billions of billions of dollars of marketing gimmicks and bigotry, portraying one's beauty as never natural and still, only to be enhanced. Mother defends her by saying its supposed to be shared, thus her words do mellow me often at times. Her noble intentions are clear enough, and she reads me like a book, probably why she doesn't disclose the price many, many products my sister bought.

One with financial background would look at perspectives in a financial way.  I always have a dollar sign stitched to everything I see and buy. Why not? We earn to buy, to buy to stay alive, to stay alive so we can see the world, learn its history, the wounds inflicted, and to patch them up, or we earn to indulge, to glutton, and to forget the appreciation for the sip of air we take as we breath in?

I try not to sound hypocritical and selfish, as I know many great human beings, friends out there who can buy everything but still be as grounded as if they were poor. Friends who earn and live at their means. But not my sister, not her, not when she is still in school, skin as soft as a baby, no labour, no physical pain, no hardship in life. I want to be understanding, forgiving, but as I write this, I cannot help but feel disappointed that she fails to see the intrinsic value of money, something I have been preaching to her since 12, and met little success with. 

I think I'll buy her "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" as her next birthday gift. ;)

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Babies are two weeks old!

KITTY PERRY has just experienced her first motherhood. Yes, we did not get her spayed in time. Particularly a sensitive topic at our household, when one finds spaying a costly and somewhat "unnecessary measure" for a stray like Kitty. Two weeks on, and then we realized its the best choice for the long term. 

At a tender young age of 14 days, these young kittens are starting to see the world on their own. Eyelids start to loosen themselves, pupils start to develop and blue eyes appear. Their noses start twitching as they seek to develop their sense of smell. Of them two, Blanche is the quieter, timid one. She barely moves around, unlike Tiger, who gets frisky with his mother. Sometimes when the mother heads out for sips of fresh  air, Tiger would let out meows so loud, we thought a witch is coming. In the end, those meows would trigger soft, subtle, yet worrying meow from the mother as she hurriedly enters into the house, only to be seen running back to her babies, while licking them with a relieved look on her face. It would take us more than a second to look at the times, when these little babies could hardly move a paw or two. 

Blanche and Tiger a few hours after birth.

At this week, we are pretty sure of their genders, Blanche is a girl, Tiger a boy. Just like Kitty, I feel so proud to be guardian to these beautiful specimen of nature and God's creation, which always come back to my extremely offensive and prejudiced nature towards animal abusers. Hoping animal laws in Malaysia would change for the better in the future, at the meantime I will continue doing my part as an animal rescuer. 

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Dream Catcher

Dear Blog,

THIS IS another dream that I intend to write about. Under usual circumstances would I discard any dream that comes with a flick of the brain's "off switch" and forget about it. This dream that had me in sleep for the past 9 hours, seems to be nothing indifferent from reality, but I wanted to keep it anyway. 

My dream started off in a house, me, and two other living souls. They were my housemates, the first thought that came into my mind. One of them having in their hand, was a bizzare object that emits something so foul, the moment I smelt it, I knew it was poisonous. I was weary, then scared. Somehow I thought this guy is going to gas me to death with that thing.So I ran, and he was chasing after me with a sinister smile. He was right behind me, but I just kept running, I never looked back. I couldn't quite remember how long I ran, when later on I landed myself in my neighbours house, in a room, where there was a girl, her brother and her mother. So I hid in that room until he left. Of course, I never knew these people in real life, I never knew who my real neighbours were. It turns out, a scare prank intended on me.

So this girl, she asked me, "Why are you hiding here?". Then I had to explain to her my somewhat bizzare unusual circumstances. She wasn't fond of me at first, and I remember having this sinking feeling, we wont be able to get along at all. She was in my mind, very attractive. Her beauty illuminates and shines like a star, her frowns from her eyebrows were art to me. But I've never intended on anything, nor even a silly little woo. She was at that time, just another stranger I've recently known. Our conversation started off there. We often talked about the most simplest, uncomplicated things. 

She used to talk to me, stern and smile-less. Gradually she opened herself to me, a little laugher, some teasing and we became friends. Flashes came, the dream faded into darkness like the crossing of one stage to another, and then everything came back again. Like a painting, in the small road off a beautiful countryside, a usual morning walk. She was walking with me, our usual chatter, our usual pitter-patter on the pavements. And then, it came. It was as though time stopped for me, she held me by her hands, clenched tightly to each other, we were holding hands. I was LIVING the DREAM.

I woke up the next morning with my cat's warm body against my feet. It look me a long time to jump back to reality. I could not help but wanting to fall back to sleep, it was as though I had wanted to sleep forever, wanting to meet her again. But our life, does not revolve around our dreams. Next time, I must remember not to dream.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

My first phone screening with Kraft Malaysia

Dear Diary,
Its quite a big day for me tomorrow, because Kraft Malaysia is calling me for a phone screening tomorrow. We all know Kraft for its delicious cheese, and since it is one of the biggest FMCG companies in the world, I am intimidated by it, but at the same time, its like a lottery ticket that I want badly to win it.

For that 10 minutes of nerves as steel, I am just going to be myself. I try not to look out for secondary opinion, because their worries may not be the same as mine. So fingers crossed. :)

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Married on April's Fool

Dear Diary,
I've been wanting to write to you ever since that fascinating dream my mine. For one moment, I thought I was living the dream, so surreal, so tangible. I woke up in a hotel somewhere in Penang, quietly recollecting those fragments, wishing and hoping I could hold on to it for as long as I can. But sooner or later, those longingness started to disappear as life returns to its normalcy.

"Her smile, her smile, was perfect. That was all I was looking at, despite my tux and her beautifully decorated satin wedding dress, her veil hanging behind her head. There we were, standing in a place so magical, I could almost forget how it looked like. I remembered one of her many words "Our dream.. it came true". I remembered friends, family, colleagues, everyone cheering on us, music, no.. a symphony so melodious, there isn't a name for it. "

Thought it may seem like a moment entirely short, that dream lasted till the next morning. A second after I woke up thinking "its morning after our wedding night", I began to slowly take in reality that dreams are somewhat bitter-sweet. Somehow, I began to believe that marriage could be the most precious gift a human could ever want. I hope, but I fear as well.

Time and time I asked myself, does this dream mean anything? Is she real or fictitious? A character I created
as a result of events in the past? I've never seen her before, yet she showed remarkable resemblance to someone I so dearly have hurt.

Goodnight diary.